BRING is an organization that unites, promotes and demonstrates innovation in sustainable construction by creating unique demonstration projects that are tested with a new approach and global impact.


BRING will deliver 5 demonstration and full-scale buildings of a different type that will be developed with stakeholders and partners. They will present the innovative design, materials and technologies of 2050, combined together to meet the challenges of the future to our world!


42 ° 34'43.37''N / 23 ° 14'50,18''E
Accessible by foot on the following routes:
Village of Vladaya - Cherni vrah
Village of Kladnitsa - peak Seliymitsa - Cherni vrah
Tanchovitsa - peak Seliymitsa - Cherni vrah


It falls into property 68134.2095.581 state public ownership department under the LUJ 1176/14

Dimensions 3x4 meters of internal space.

Distance from the 30-meter trail accessible and equally open and free of rain.

Zone A2 "Guided Protection Areas" - outside the water catchment area and the Reserve. No road access is possible.

It is located halfway between the Konyarnika Shelter and the Saddle, which are 30 minutes away. No visibility to the other shelters.

The distance to the nearest village Kladnitsa is 3 hours, to Cherni Vrah 55 minutes, to Kumata hut is 50 minutes.



BRING creates a unique, incomparable, research and demonstration organization that inspires and develops innovative solutions shaping the development of the building environment of the future.

The organization will work with all stakeholders to identify and support innovations that demonstrate real sustainability and provide social, economic and environmental benefits to society at global level. BRING will develop with careful planning, coordination and clarity. This will be achieved by focusing on five key principles:

1. Examining all products and components demonstrated in its innovative buildings
2. Attracting global technology partners
3. Disseminate your lead example and research results with consistency and detail in the information presented to illustrate the value and of demonstration buildings.
4. Demonstrate ecology and true sustainability in all activities.
5. Ensure recognition through BREEAM Certification of Innovation Buildings to meet future regulatory and cost-effectiveness requirements and consumer preferences and needs for a 2050 generation.

Assess the effectiveness of buildings for innovations. Assessing the effectiveness of buildings is an essential element of the organization's activities. In this respect, BRING follows BREEAM's consistent methodology for assessing the effectiveness and innovation of buildings, using dynamic simulation techniques to provide detailed information on different performance parameters. Using this approach, BRING will be able to predict the operational efficiency of buildings in different geographic areas, different employment profiles and factors related to orientation and positioning of objects.

The world-leading method for assessing the sustainability of BREEAM buildings has been introduced in Bulgaria by MOMERIN Ltd. more than 10 years ago. The company has gained experience with 30 registered projects, 550 000 sq.m. Buildings under construction, 8 certificates and Country First Award BREEAM London 2013 '.