допуснат до следващия етап от състезанието

Taking inspiration from balkan traditions and the surrounding natural beauty, Freedome, utilises Bulgaria’s natural resources and local skills to offer a revolutionary zero-carbon shelter. Top of the range technologies are used responsibly to offer appropriate functionality, while maintaining its sustainability and affordability. It generates all of its own energy and offers optimal energy efficiency to ensure that all of Vitosha’s visitors find a sustainable, comfortable and resourceful shelter during their trek.

The shape of the shelter is inspired by Vitosha’s famous dome shape with smaller peaks that overlap in the distance, It is also reminiscent of the asymmetrical angled roofs of other shelters on Vitosha mountain. The materials used in the building’s construction, interior and exterior design are local, natural and available in abundance.

Freedome uses a radical construction system, known as Triagomy and developed by Biohm. It takes inspiration from nature to create flexible buildings that can be manufactured off-site and simply assembled on-site. The shelter can, therefore, be deconstructed at any stage of its life to change its appearance or move it to a different location.

The construction system, Triagomy, that is used to create Freedome does not require binding materials or permanent fasteners, which makes it ideal for a mountain shelter located in a remote area. The components are lightweight, yet structurally sound, due to the composition of the natural concrete alternative used.

Once the shelter is deconstructed, it can be removed without a trace, leaving the site and surrounding environment more or less untouched.

The shelter will be bale to house up to 23 people, if necessary. With an increased height of over 4 metres, A mezzanine platform offers more seating/ sleeping space. The total floorspace can accommodate 10 erect people (30cm x 60cm) and the seating/sleeping space can accommodate up to 13 people. Indoor facilities include a sink with a tap, that offers cold and warm potable water, seating/sleeping areas with bag storage, emergency satellite phone, satellite broadband and a wireless information point. Sensors will be embedded in all technologies to ensure that all faults or issues are recorded and reported immediately.


Apart from some of the appliances and electronics, all materials used in Freedome are 100% natural, recyclable, reusable or biodegradable, local and sensitive to the surrounding environment and visitors’ health and wellbeing. The construction system will use a natural concrete alternative that utilises waste from Bulgaria’s renowned glass industry combined with local volcanic ash and wood wool for added structural strength and bound with lime. This results in a semi-permeable material, which will help maintain the indoor humidity and indoor air-quality.