Ivan Kiryakov

Energy: photovoltaic panels which formula laterally sunny radiation; fitted to flexible steps of a pyezocristal polymer which converts vibrations from the wind in energy; air jobs assisted to achieve heating or cooling. Battery loads are fitted in the floor panel.

Natural light and view: luminous leather "windows" from transparent aerostat membrane where the internal pressure creams the structure of the structure and function as an insulating air bag.

Facades: the characteristic form of the purpose does a recognitional structure of the Bulgarian mountain, which may be transformed in all extreme condition Facades.
Interior: the internal area is resolved with suspected membrane networks, which allow air space movement in the space and establish the possibility of transfer.

Aerodynamics: the entire structure falls "somewhat" on the earth of point fundaments and is removed from the soil to avoid water drying without winter or water in spring and autumn. The formula of the composite modules of pillar has good aerodynamic characteristics that help for removal of raw water and prevent sleeping of surface surfaces. Winter insert: possibility for roof line, in extremely high roof roof

Lights and signalization:
An autonomous meteorological system in the password activates pressure signalling lights in waiting time

Transportation and installation: all parts of the pillar are uncontinued and the unit of the single elements is related to the size of a shipping container or helicopter-nos.

Ivan Kiryakov

The form of the pillar is provided by the repeat of one dustometric form multiple with 11 parts contained by 1 quadrate, 2 romes, 4 triogenics and 4 rombodes.

By repeat and rotation, the forms will contribute to another and complete the space between themselves, allowing different configurations.