arch. Plamen Petrov

"Three Wells" Shelter

Module "A"

- The module is made of steel-concrete shell, guaranteeing strength and durability
- It has its own base but can also be mounted on a supporting structure or slab;
- Ability to arrange landscape, and in structures - area and level;
- Vandal resistant module - concrete walls, floor and ceiling; Window glass blocks 25x25;
- Can be with different interior equipment and furnishings; - Made of recycled materials; - Possibility of delivery by helicopter, easy and quick installation and disassembly; - In the TIR container 2 items are collected. Standard modules measuring 270 x 350 cm;

Module "B"

- The module is prefabricated;
- Function: providing electricity and water.

- water collection and storage tanks;
- solar panels;
- supporting structure and security panels;
- rechargeable batteries;
- stands for antennas and equipment.

Ideal solution for "Three Wells" shelter

- The proposal is for a composition of 6 pcs. A-type modules stacked as Lego-elements, on one level;
- Modules type "A" are mounted on a concrete plate measuring 6, 00 x 5, 00 m, cantilevered with 1/3 length. Shelter total area = 84 square meters;
- It is also possible an economical version of the composition - from 4 pcs. A-type modules, in which case the total built-up area will be 56 square meters;
- Modules type "B" (2 pcs.) Are mounted on a prefabricated structure at a height of 3.00 meters above modules "A";
- On site are built 2 pcs. Fenced walls of glass blocks 25x25 cm, septic tank and internal fireplace.
The idea of the designer is to compose and build the shelter from modular elements that:
- have their own strength and resistance to atmospheric influences;
- may exist on their own or be placed in simpler or more complex structures (flexibility of the composition);
- easy installation and, if necessary, disassembly, for re-use elsewhere;
- easily transported by different modes of transport
- limited in size and weight;
- can be used in different climatic and terrain conditions - not only in Bulgaria but also in other latitudes and altitudes;
- the possibility of recycling the materials and elements used;
- be capable of being supplied with electricity and water from renewable sources;
- meet current energy efficiency requirements, sustainable construction and opportunities for future development;
- the modules and structures built by them have a modern and innovative vision that is adequate in 2050;

The idea is to use 2 types of elements - the main (habitable) module "A" and the "B" help module (technological module). Module "A" is a reinforced concrete shell with its own floor, walls and ceiling, dimensions 270x350 cm and height 280 cm. Module "B" is prefabricated - metal bearing structure of beams and columns, solar panels for electricity production, Concrete tanks for collecting and storing water, enclosing and protecting elements, rechargeable batteries. The idea is to add "B" type modules, which simultaneously provide water and electricity from renewable sources, and they are a roof structure of the general structure that helps to improve the thermal efficiency when composing 2 or more "A" modules.

By fulfilling all the listed initial conditions, the proposed modular elements also meet several other important requirements:
- Technologically - in the element and construction company;
- Vandal-proof elements - withstand standard malicious effects. Module A has a 25x25 cm glass window and 80% transparency to provide good illumination at high strength and low thermal conductivity. The door is metal, sandwich type - with polystyrene foam insulation;
- Modules and the entire structure do not require constant maintenance, but only periodic revisions. Opportunities to remotely measure status and performance through built-in elements;
- maximum functionality - modules can be used for different purposes (rescue capsule, tourist shelter, video surveillance cabin, equipment and materials warehouse, research station, recreation base, field kitchen, beach cabin, fishing base, etc.) ;
- there can be different interior fittings and furnishings as intended;
- they can be tinted in different colors according to the preferences of the Contracting Authorities.

The modular structure allows multi-coloured compositions to highlight the different functionality of the elements, for positive look, or if good visibility and landmark are needed during bad weather conditions.

Ideal solution for shelter "Three wells", Vitosha Nature Park:

The Functional Technology Scheme is influenced by the composition of the International Space Station (ISS), located in orbit above the Earth, taking into account the specificity of the tourist application, the location and assignment of the Contracting Authority for innovation, technology and modern vision. The conceptual solution for the particular property is for a structure of 6 pieces. A-type modules stacked as Lego-level elements, and 2 units. B-type modules located at a height of 3.00 meters above them. Modules "A" are aligned on a symmetry axis (3pcs / 3pcs) on a 6,00m plate. At 5.00m. (Restoration and replenishment of the available plate), console with 1/3 of its length. The central element is formed - a tourist multifunctional lounge. On site are built 2 pcs. Fence walls (with self-supporting construction) - front with entrance and rear, glass blocks 25x25 cm. There is also an internal fireplace with a chimney and a septic tank next to the object.

The "B" roof structure covers the common space of the spacious and multifunctional salon with a stairway development and meaningful, central accent - a fireplace with an open fire located in an axis with the front door. Modules "A" are arranged on both sides of the lounge and are of different use - kitchen unit, 2 pcs. Dining Modules, Hygienic Module and 2 pcs. Bedding modules. With this structure the shelter of the shelter is 84 square meters.

It is possible an economical version of the composition - from 4 pcs. modules 'A', disposed symmetrically (2 x 2) forming at least a central hall, and 2 pcs. modules "B", in which case the area will be 56 square meters and will include: kitchen unit, 1 pc. Dining room, hygienic module and 1 pc. Bedroom.

As a micro variant, a composition of 2 pcs. Modules A (kitchen and hygiene module) and 1 pcs. Module "B", with a total built-up area of 28 sq.m. The other elements - fence walls and internal fireplace are the same. Sleep parameters and micro variations are discussed in more detail in item 13: "Check value".

Color Solution:
A color solution, similar to Rubik Cube, is proposed using 5 basic colors (yellow, green, blue, red, and white). Provides a futuristic, memorable vision and good visibility of the shelter in misty and bad weather;
Single-color or two-color solutions are also possible. For example - a relaxed look will come with a totally green tint. A modern and harmonious combination could be from modules "A" in light ocher + modules "B" in blue.
Other colorful compositions, such as postmodern ("breaking" shapes and volumes), or gradient / graffiti layouts are also possible.
Furnishing and equipment:
The equipment is modern, standard, with no extras, according to the purpose of the module.
- The fireplace is made of prefabricated elements and ready-made flues. There is also a free space for storage of about ½ cubic combustion wood and a cassette with spark plugs;
- The kitchen unit has built-in: stove (oven and hob), kitchen sink, lower row of cabinets, upper shelves;
- Part of the kitchen unit is enclosed with a wall to form a storage room (with service access), which houses the storage elements for the solar energy produced by the solar panels and specialized equipment - SOT, control modules, meteorological information, Internet modem and wi fi-router.
- In the kitchen (in a lockable metal cabinet) it is possible, if desired, to install a hydrophore to equalize the pressure of the water in the installation.
- It is also possible to put a vending machine for durable packaged foods (eg croissants, desserts, etc.) and bottled beverages available in the tourist lounge.
- A sink with a mirror, a toilet and a shower cabin is provided in the sanitary unit;
The furnishing is safe (durable), with possibilities for flexible use.
- PVH sofas, suitable for both seating and sleeping, are placed in the dining rooms.
The tables and sofas are fixed in the floor;
- In each sleeping module there are 2 beds - single and one on two floors, with mattresses, but without sleepwear (it is a commitment of the users). Cabinets and hangers are also provided.
The total sleeping areas (along with dining room sofas) are 10 pcs.
- A medicine cabinet with emergency medical care and fire extinguishers is placed next to the entrance to the sanitary unit;
- Over the entrance of the shelter is a clock with a barometer;
Information Elements:

In the common areas, on the walls are information elements, with telephones and coordinates:
- The Vitosha Natural Park and the Mountain Rescue Service;
- The creators of the new shelter - "Momerin" LTD and Bring.BG, and the designer;
- Local maps and images of national and local attractions;
- Fire precautions, instructions when urgent honey aid is needed;

Electrical Installation:
The electrical installation of the site is solar, autonomous (PV) type, with electronic control, with prioritization of the users. System components (control unit, security system, CCTV, Internet modem and router, access system, readers and latches) have a separate UPS storage element. The electrical installation is defective and protection against overloading;
Lighting in the shelter is from energy-saving LED strips embedded in grooves at the top of the walls. Switching on, dimming and turning off automatically, with sensors - according to the overall illumination and motion detection in the respective room;
In all modules A and in the main hall there are provided telephone charging contacts, etc. Small devices;
Module "B" has a radio beacon and a light flashing headlamp included in reduced visibility;
Zoning and Access Control:
The main part of the shelter - the central tourist lounge, the kitchen and the sink are free access;
The two dining rooms, the toilet and the shower-cabin are registered - without limitation, by bank card check-in or entering of a code for access, which can be obtained free of charge by SMS to a telephone number of Vitosha Nature Park. The idea is to register a user in the appropriate time interval so that in case of failures or faults he / she is personally addressed. This measure significantly increases the responsible use of equipment and furnishings. An additional option is the intelligent control of the locks - when reaching a minimum water reserve (<10%), the two bathrooms - shower and toilet are blocked to enter (to prevent contamination) and the water supply remains accessible to the two sinks – in the kitchen and the washbasin.
The two bedrooms have paid access - via SMS (similar to the "blue zone"), against a minimum fee for the higher level of service and financing of the shelter;
Warehouse service - only for the staff of Vitosha Nature Park and Mountain Rescue Service - the gateway opens with service cards or digital code entry. When power is interrupted, all premises without the service store become available to the public.
Characteristic elements and details:
- Modules type "A" - "Kitchen & Storage" and "Hygiene" are fitted with partition walls and fixed equipment in the construction works enterprise. The hygienic module has a double floor in the area of the wc and a shower cabin, with built-in installation of plumbing installations.
- The furnishing of all A-type modules is delivered and assembled to the object.
- Storm water collection and storage tanks are made of ½ concrete pipes, well-spaced, trough-shaped, with protective cover. The total volume of the water tank is 10.7 cubic meters. Waterfowl is from the solar panels.
- Solar panels have a 15% slope to keep snow and ice. Their total area is 68 sq.m. , ~ 11.5 kW maximum power, average daily output about 57500 Wh.

Energy efficiency:
The conceptual design complies with the requirements for energy-efficient buildings.
- Modules "A" have built-in thermal insulation. Their windows are glass blocks, passive - with a minimum heat transfer UW ≤ 0, 8 W / m²K;
An important element of energy efficiency is the rainwater collection and storage bathtub located above the main hall. The bathtub is painted in dark (blue) color to help heat the water from the sun's rays. Water is among the warmest elements with minimal heat transfer and, together with the double concrete structure, acts as an additional insulation.
- Calculations of the energy efficiency of the site will be applied in the Technical Project after winning the Contest;


The Functional Technology Scheme is influenced by the composition of the International Space Station (ISS), located in orbit above the Earth, taking into account the specifics of the tourist application, the location and assignment of the Contracting Authority for innovation, technology and modern vision.