Answers to ypur questions

Answer: No pre-entry for the competition is necessary. Your participation was accomplished by submitting a project within the deadline set in the terms of reference. Section IV describes the content of the materials presenting the conceptual solution.

Answer: In the app I build drawings of the competition area that will be available on the bring.bg website. The delay with them was imposed by the impossibility due to atmospheric conditions to take a picture. Under a module, the shelter is meant to represent and operate both as a single unit (building) and to allow on the other hand to build a larger facility by grouping / pooling several such modules.

Answer:In principle, all of the information in the Order is valid and you should comply with it basically! The other comments on the site are general and will correct them accordingly! On the issue of the Situation - we are working on capturing the foundations together with Vitosha Park and we will inform all of them soon! Regarding performance, we do not have strict requirements and we leave the choice of the participants. Dimensions are those given in the assignment. The contest is not anonymous and electronic transmission is possible, but you should also keep in mind our wishes to organize an exhibition after the end of the contest! The next week we will organize an on-site meeting - watch the site for an announcement!

Answer: The contest does not constitute a public contract and it is not necessary to pre-fill the documents for participation. You decide how to take part - as a physical or legal entity, the only requirement is at least one member of the team to have full designer competence.

Answer: In connection with your inquiry, I would like to inform you that all the materials for the contest are available on the site: http://bring.bg/index.php?page=%D0%B7%D0%B0%D1%81%D0%BB%D0%BE%D0%BD%D1%8A%D1%82&lang=en Again there will be uploaded the questions that have been asked so far and the answers to them.

Answer: No need to fill in a form or register. It is a fact to submit a conceptual project within the deadlines specified in the assignment (deadline for submission of projects 01.07.2017).